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clueless scooby!!

Wellllllll..................im kinda manic, always goin from 1 extreme 2 tha other im either, totally mad n kra@ZzE£!!! or i'm morbidly depressed and lathargic, an sumtimes im REELI REELI angRY N VIOLENT! I know i sound a bit phsycotic, but owel-life's misleading. Despite all my of krazyness i'm a really good listner an can be a great friend. I've bin through a lot of shit in my life so i can relate to alot of stuff i've come accross on this site, im sure there's people that have been through more though, infact i know there are as i've met them. Not to sound big headed but im really gud at empathising with people.
*~*xx_X I love honesty, but relish in lying X_xx*~*
*~*xx_X I love being good, due to memories of 'goodness' being praised as a child but ADORE being badX_xx*~*
*~*xx_X I'm kind with the potential to be devastatingly cruelX_xx*~*
*~*xx_X I'm always up for a laugh,but know when tobe seriousX_xx*~*
*~*xx_X No fundamentals may NOT always be infact 'fun'-but that's because your not allowing them to beX_xx*~*
*~*xx_X I'm not violent, until provoked to a high degreeX_xx*~*
*~*xx_X I'm a leader, a lover, a hater, a fighter, a victim,a victory, a triuph and a tremendous lossX_xx*~*
*~*xx_X I'm as living oxy-moron, and do not judgeX_xx*~*
If there nethin else ya wanna no or you want t talk or something-jus add me

xx_X_X*~*LuV M!n!*~*X_X_xx
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